CODAME Featured Artist: Vinit Patil

Vinit was raised in Bangkok, where he narrowly escaped baptism at RIS, a school run by fanatic  American missionaries. He then moved to India to attend Engineering School. Even after graduating, Vinit had no idea how to fix a radio or program a VCR. His uncle was kind enough to give him a job soldering circuit boards. Vinit quit within a few months (much to his uncle’s delight) to pursue a more creative career.

He  decided to attend the Creative Circus. Vinit got his copywriting diploma in 2002 which, even today, his dad believes is worthless (it kinda is).

Vinit previously worked at Taxi, New York for two years as a writer, not a cab driver (you may think so, since he was a Indian guy in NYC ).

Prior to New York, he worked at Leo Burnett , where he braved the Chicago winters for three years.

Vinit believes there are plenty of ways for brands to make millions of dollars, but the cheapest and fastest way is through is innovation.

Vinit has won awards for innovation in digital advertising from the Webby’s, The London International Advertising Festivals, The One Show, Cannes, The FWA and other shows with fun parties.

Posted by Bruno Fonzi